Tips On Collie Grooming From The Pros

Published: 11th July 2009
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Collies come in two different varieties, "smooth" and "rough." Rough collies need much more grooming, but smoothes must be groomed continually to be groomed regularly to keep their coats healthy. Collies have a double coat of hair, meaning there is a thick lower coat and an outer coat of thinner and flatter hair.
A smooth collie has short hair like that of a Labrador or Dalmatian. Rough collies have a long and flowing topcoat and a dense undercoat. Learn the basics of collie grooming and keep your collie looking good, regardless of what the variety, with regular brushing.

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You should purchase a commercial conditioner spray, or make your own using one to 2 tablespoons of dog conditioner watered down with water. Confirm it is watered down well or the spray will make your Collie's coat greasy.

Make bound to spray your dog's hair thoroughly before you start to brush. If you have a coarse collie, part the dog's hair and brush from the roots out. The pin brush may be used if your dog is free of and brush and comb are beneficial for losing dogs and for removing mats when collie grooming. If a mat can't be brushed out of the Collie's hair, you can cut it out. Collies most often have raveled hair behind their ears, beneath the front legs and on their underbelly so make sure to test those areas conscientiously. For a smooth collie, a slicker brush will suffice for both the undercoat and outer coat.

You should brush your collie common-or-garden during losing seasons, and at least one time a week when they are not shedding. not shedding. Collies generally do not require all over trimming, but you may want to keep their feet trimmed. With a small pair of scissors, punctiliously trim the hair around each footpad.This will keep your collie's feet clean. While you are working with your collie's feet, you may trim the nails. This should be done each one to 2 weeks to keep the nails from getting too long.

If your collie is a puppy, you can teach them to get used to a Dremel tool with a sandpaper attachment. Apply light pressure with the Dremel and grind down to just before the pink quick.
The alternative to using the Dremel is to use the standard dog nail trimmer. If this happens, styptic powder is useful to have on hand to stop the bleeding.

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Finally, when collie grooming do not forget to clean your Collie's ears about once each week. You can buy a canine ear cleaner at any pet store. Squirt the ear cleaner into your dog's ear canal and then rub the base of the ear. This will help the ear cleaner coat the interior of the ear canal. You may use a cotton ball to get rid of the surplus cleaner and then permit the ear canal to dry naturally.

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